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Published on 01/14/2014

There are some trivial, often overlooked, items that are essential for turning a house into a home. Bedding and bathroom accessories such as bed sheets, duvet covers, bathrobes, pillows cases and towels are what lend personality to your home and while you may not even have thought of them this way, it is in an overnight stay, for example, at a friend’s place or a hotel, that their absence is most keenly felt. It is for this reason that good hotels and rest houses pay special attention to provide customers with the best bedding and bathroom items so that they can feel “right at home”.

Bedding can tell a great deal about a bedroom’s resident just from its color and texture. It can accentuate the overall theme of a room if chosen wisely. Bed sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases all matter to a person looking for a decent place to rest. Guests tend to notice things such as bathrobes and towels. Moreover the quality and hygiene of the aforementioned items is vital in regards to the health of the user and from a business’s (e.g. hotels, inns) standpoint, to maintain a health conscious outlook for its clientele.

In recent years, it is fast becoming a trend, among hotels and rest houses, to buy wholesale bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, bathrobes and towels on the cheap through suppliers rather than buying them via retail stores. The main reasons for this are the considerable profit margin gained from buying goods in bulk as well as the ability to replace them easily instead of having to invest on their maintenance and conditioning.

Linens Trader is one such UK based cheap online wholesale supplier that sells quality merchandise at bargain prices and is a great place to look for bedding and bathroom supplies.


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